Sep 8th, 2014
Sep 8th, 2014
Jun 25th, 2014

just a duck feeding his fish.

More reasons to get a pet duck. :3
Jun 20th, 2014


Can I please have your shirt :0
Apr 16th, 2014
Mar 15th, 2014
It’s official. I want a pet duck.

Feb 25th, 2014
Feb 25th, 2014
Feb 25th, 2014
Feb 24th, 2014


Date went really well!!!

I find it rare that I can sit and listen to a person for long periods of time and not get bored but I didn’t! We’re actually going to a Harry potter alliance meeting on Saturday. Cool!

DATE? I have not heard of this yet! Sounds exciting ;) (My awkward way of asking how things went; secretly dying of curiosity)